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  • Content Type: Abstract

    Our toolkit adds statistical trend analysis, interactive plots, and kernel density estimation to an existing spatio-temporal visualization platform. The goal of these tools is to provide both a quick assessment of the current… read more
    … Our toolkit adds statistical trend analysis, interactive plots, … statistically significant. The sample data used for this toolkit come from over 70 emergency rooms throughout the …
  • Content Type: Training

    The Florida County Health Department Epidemiology Hurricane Toolkit, developed by the Florida Department of Health, helps county health departments (CHD)… read more
    … Florida County Health Department Epidemiology Hurricane Toolkit , developed by the Florida Department of Health, … details of the response will differ, based on needs. The toolkit offers guidance on the following topics: CHD …
  • Content Type: Abstract

    As major disease outbreaks are rare, empirical evaluation of statistical methods for outbreak detection requires the use of modified or completely simulated health event data in addition to real data. Comparisons of different techniques will be more… read more
    … and real data. To this end, we are developing a toolkit for implementing and evaluating outbreak detection … services interface. Document An_Open_Source_Web_Services_Toolkit_For_Event_Detection_Algorithms.pdf Submitted by …
  • Content Type: Abstract

    Developing effective data-driven algorithms and visualizations for disease surveillance hinges on the ability to provide application developers with realistic data. However, the sensitivity of the data creates a barrier to its distribution. We have… read more
    … with external collaborators. … Data De-Identification Toolkit
  • Content Type: Abstract

    ORBiT is implemented as a distributed analytic platform consisting of a software stack atop of Hadoop and makes use of Titan, a distributed graph database as a backend for data storage. Data from each of the traditional and non-traditional sources… read more
    … and modalities. … ORBiT Ð The Oak Ridge Biosurveillance Toolkit
  • Content Type: Abstract

    Despite numerous successes in using social media to detect food borne illness and to predict influenza trends, the use of social media as a public health tool has yet to gain widespread adoption. While social media data cannot directly diagnose… read more
    … A Lightweight Easy to Use Social Media Surveillance Toolkit
  • Content Type: Surveillance Tools and Systems

    The OH-SMART mapping tool was developed to assist agencies in coordinating effective outbreak response planning. OH-… read more
    … … One Health Systems Mapping and Analysis Resource Toolkit (OH-SMART) …
  • Content Type: Abstract

    Geographic visualization methods allow analysts to visually discover clusters in multivariate, spatially-referenced data. Computational and statistical cluster detection techniques can automatically detect spatial clusters of high values of a… read more
    … complementary; and present an integration of the GeoViz Toolkit and Proclude software suites as proof-of-concept. … [4]. Figure 1 – Integration of Proclude and the GeoViz Toolkit. Here, a selection was made in the histogram, and …