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Analytic Tools for Routine Health Surveillance Subcommittee Calls

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The Analytic Tools for Routine Health Surveillance Subcommittee provides useful alerting algorithms and other analytic tools to NSSP users in an effort to improve the efficiency of these users for daily investigation and response. Analytic Tools for Health Surveillance Subcommittee calls are held on the second Thursday of the month from 2:00-3:00 pm et via Zoom Meetings.

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  • May 2024 (Topic: Asyndromic Anomaly Detection Based on Free-text Terms and n-grams​) - Recording
  • April 2024 (Topic: Generative Machine Learning for Novel Threat Discovery) - Recording
  • March 2024 (Topic: Attendee Feedback and Open Discussion) - Recording
  • February 2024 (Topic: Analytic Methods for Wastewater Surveillance) - Recording
  • January 2024 - No Call


  • December 2023 - No Call
  • November 2023 (Topic: Respiratory Virus Response/Index: Overview of Methods for Sub-State (HSA) Data and Adaptations of MEM for COVID-19) - Recording
  • October 2023 (Topic: Machine Learning Methods for Enhancement of the Query Formation Process) - Recording
  • September 2023 (Topic: RVI Methods) - Recording
  • August 2023 (Topic: pynssp Package Overview) - Recording
  • July 2023 (Topic: Toward Ad Hoc, On-Demand Spatiotemporal Cluster Detection in Daily Surveillance) - Recording
  • June 2023 (Topic: Regression Adjustment for Improved Alerting and Situational Awareness) - Recording
  • May 2023 (Topic: Sparse Data in ESSENCE and Data Alerts) - Recording
  • April 2023 (Topic: How to Calculate Seasonal Thresholds For Your Jurisdiction: Moving Epidemics Method) - Recording
  • March 2023 (Topic: Adjusted Rate Comparison) - Recording
  • February 2023 (Topic: Introduction to the Subcommittee) - Recording
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