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Data Quality (DQ) Subcommittee

Our mission as the Data Quality Committee is to engage the NSSP Community of Practice and stakeholders in thoughtful discission to identify and resolve syndromic surveillance data quality challenges. We strive to foster relationships among all groups with a hand in syndromic messaging to improve syndromic surveillance practice for everyone. 

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  • July 2024 (Topic: Working with facilities when their feed is interrupted (i.e. cyber-attacks, system technical issues), Poll: Which tool do you use to query or assess BioSense/ESSENCE data most often?, How to query for specific messages/visits, Poll: What topics would you like to discuss (today or on a future call)?) - Recording
  • June 2024 - No Call
  • May 2024 (Topic: CMS RFI on NSSP Data, Onboarding Mixed Use Facilities, Late Update Messages) - Recording
  • April 2024 (Topic: Demo of Data Quality on Demand Dashboard v2) - Recording
  • March 2024 (Topic: Slack questions about C_Death flag, diagnosis types, working diagnoses in A08 messages, DQ issues when patient is transferred from emergency to inpatient) - Recording
  • February 2024 (Topics: Methods for differentiating between Urgent Care and ED visits in ESSENCE when they are reported from the same facility, Understanding roles of surveillance users , onboarding staff and DQ staff, Subcommittee Discussion) - Recording
  • January 2024 (Topics: Poll Questions on Datamart/Biosense_Platform Replication Issue and Urgent Cares, Logging and Tracking Issues for DQ Improvement) - Recording


  • December 2023 - No Call
  • November 2023 (Topics: Proposed adjustment to raw processed field values in ESSENCE, Assessing your data for missing external cause morbidity codes using ESSENCE and Posit Workbench​, How to reduce false positive syndrome results by omitting “Past Medical History” free text using ESSENCE and Posit Workbench) - Recording
  • October 2023 - No Call
  • September 2023 (Topic: Urgent Care Onboarding & DQ, Assessing Race and Ethnicity in R using BioSense and ESSENCE) - Recording
  • August 2023 (Topic: Reviewing EHR Vendors in Your Jurisdiction, Update on DQ Subcommittee Enhancement Ticket) - Recording
  • July 2023 (Topic: KS Experience With "R For Applied Epidemiology Course, How To Submit an Enhancement Ticket) - Recording
  • June 2023 (Topic: Working With Site Administrators to Update MFT, What Diagnosis Codes Do I Have?) - Recording
  • May 2023 (Joint Call with Syndrome Definition Subcommittee) (Topic: Disability Definition Process, Incorporating ICD 9 Codes into CCDD Categories) - Recording
  • April 2023 (Topic: Exceptions Tables, Diagnosis Codes ICD 9 Poll) - Recording
  • March 2023 (Topic: WV Syndromic Surveillance Hospital Data Quakity Report, Exploring Exceptions Tables Using RStudio) - Recording
  • February 2023 (Topic: NIST Validation Tool Overview, Poll Results) - Recording
  • January 2023 (Topic: Finding Duplicate Records) - Recording 


  • December 2022 - No Call
  • November 2022 - No Call 
  • October 2022 (Topic: DQ Improvement with Evident) - Recording
  • September 2022 (Topic: Identifying Data Quality Issues that Limit Syndromic Data) - Recording
  • August 2022 (Topic: - Asthma in Kansas Emergency Departments: ESSENCE vs. KHA Data, Associated Facilities) - Recording, Slides
  • July 2022 (Topic: Facility Type and Patient Class, ONC 2022 Standards Version Advancement Process) - Recording , Slides 
  • June 2022 (Topic: - Recording!!! , Slides
  • May 2022 (Topic: Health Information Exchange, Collecting Procedure Codes) - Recording, Slides
  • April 2022 (Topic: Initial Acuity Options) - Recording, Slides
  • March 2022 (Topic: ESSENCE DEMO, Chief Complaint 1-pager) - Recording, Slides 
  • February 2022 (Topic: Chief Complaint 1-pager Discussion) - Recording
  • January 2022 (Topic: Diagnosis 1-pager Discussion) - Recording



2020 Urgent Care Meetings

  • January 2020 (Topic: Data Quality Challenges and Issues) - Recording


  • December 2019 (Topic: Athenahealth Survey for Syndromic Surveillance to State Registries) - Recording,
  • November 2019 (Topic: Preparing data with SQL in R Studio) - Recording!!!, SlidesAgendaBrief Notes
  • October 2019 (Topic: PRIVATE!) - Recording!!!
  • September 2019 (Topic: PRIVATE!)  -Recording!!!
  • August 2019 (Topic: Sending Additional Epi Diagnosis Code Fields; Remapping Data Fields to Improve DQ) - Recording
  • July 2019 (Topic: Ready Talk Delivery Platform; SAS Studio NSSP Data Quality on Demand (DQOD)) - Recording
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