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National Syndromic Surveillance Program Community of Practice (NSSP CoP) Expert Panel - Part I: Leading Community Groups


Presented February 13, 2019.

This webinar is the first installment of the 2-part NSSP CoP Expert Panel Webinar Series on Being a Leader in Your Community. Click here to view Part II: Facilitating Groups & Meetings 

This webinar tackles the question of what it means to be a leader of a community group. Hear from current leaders on how they transitioned from being active participants on group calls to serving as representatives for their fellow community members. In this webinar, the panelists addressed what it means to be a "Chair" and what is involved in terms of leadership. They also discussed how members can build from their experiences and attain the confidence to serve as leaders for their respective community groups.


Joe Gibson, 2019 ISDS Board of Directors, President

Krystal Collier, NSSP CoP Steering Committee, Chair 

Howard Burkom, Research Committee, Chair

Panelists addressed the following questions:

  1. Introductions and overview of leadership experience (past or present). What kind of group? What size? What partners were involved? Mission/Goals?
  2. How did you come into your role? Were you asked to chair a group or was it a more natural evolution? Did you feel like there was any specific expertise required?
  3. How did you prepare to take on a leadership role? Did you speak to a past chair? Was there any research/training involved?
  4. What would you estimate the time-commitment is for leading a community-driven group? Does this change over-time? How can you share this workload among other group members?
  5. What are some of the challenges you faced that slowed progress and what suggestions do you have for over-coming them? When the group was working together well, what factors contributed to the progress? 
  6. What would you say to someone who is considering taking on a leadership role in a community driven group?