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Gossamer Health: A meaningful, open-source approach to shared surveillance software


Cost-effective, flexible and innovative tools that integrate disparate data sets and allow sharing of information between geographically dispersed collaborators are needed to improve public health surveillance practice. Gossamer Health (Good Open Standards System for Aggregating, Monitoring and Electronic Reporting of Health),, is an open source system, suitable for server or "cloud" deployment, that is designed for the collection, analysis, interpretation and visualization of syndromic surveillance data and other indicators to monitor population health. The Gossamer Health system combines applied public health informatics research conducted at the University of Washington Center for Public Health Informatics and Washington State Department of Health, in collaboration with other state and local health jurisdictions, the International Society for Disease Surveillance and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



The goal of this work is to make available to the public health community an open source system that makes available in a standards-based, modular fashion the basic tools required to conduct automated indicator-based population health surveillance. These tools may be deployed in a flexible fashion on health department servers, in the Amazon EC2 cloud, or in any combination, and are coupled through well-defined standards-based interfaces.

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