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Visualizing and Monitoring Data in BioSense Using SaTScan


BioSense data includes Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs ambulatory care diagnoses and procedures, as well as Laboratory Corporation of America lab test orders. Data are mapped to eleven syndrome categories. SaTScan is a spatio-temporal technique that has previously been applied to surveillance at the metropolitan area level. Visualization of national results involves unique issues, including displaying cluster information that crosses jurisdictions, zip codes with highly variant data volume, and evaluating large multiple state clusters. SaTScan was first implemented in June 2005 in the BioSense application for daily monitoring at CDC’s BioIntelligence Center.



The objective is to describe the visualization and monitoring of the national spatio-temporal SaTScan results in the BioSense application. This is the first application of this algorithm to a national early event detection and situational awareness system.

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