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Tick Related Encounters - Connecticut Department of Public Health, April 2019

  • Why the syndrome was created? This syndrome was created to monitor tick related emergency room visits using regular expressions in R. 
  • Syndromic surveillance system (e.g., ESSENCE, R STUDIO, RODS, etc.) Data collected from Epicenter, but parsed and analysed in R/Rstudio
  • Data sources the syndrome was used on (e.g., Emergency room, EMS, Air Quality, etc.) Emergency room and Urgent Care
  • Fields used to query the data (e.g., Chief Complaint, Discharge Diagnosis, Triage Notes, etc.) Chief Complaint, Initial and Discharge ICD, Triage Notes
  • Any other relevant information: Uses regular expression 'look arounds' that may not be compatible with all types of regex, but will work within R Studio and the 'stringr' package.  Also snomed codes show up in our ICD fields so a snomed code is used here.



Syndrome Definition

Chief Complaint Inclusions Regular Expression: \btick\sbi|by\stick|\btcik|remov(?=.*tick)|(?=tick\s)remov|bullseye(?=.*rash)

Intial ICD and Discharge ICD inclusions Regular Expression: SCT-95898004

Triage Note Inclusion Regular Expression:\btick\sbi|by\stick|\btcik|removed\stick|(?=tick\s)remov|bullseye(?=.*rash)


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Connecticut Department of Public Health
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