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A spatial accuracy assessment of a Bayesian Bernoulli Spatial Scan Statistic


With the increase in GPS enabled devices, pin-point spatial data is an obvious future growth area for cluster detection research. The FBSSS handles binary labelled point data, but requires Monte Carlo testing to obtain inference [1]. In the Bayesian Poisson SSS [2], Monte Carlo is replaced by use of historic data, manifoldly speeding up processing. Following [2], [3] derived the BBSSS, replacing historic data with expert knowledge on cluster relative risk. This paper compares the spatial accuracy of BBSSS and FBSSS using new measure [4] which, being independent of inference level, permits direct comparison between Bayesian and frequentist methods. To compare the spatial accuracy of a Bayesian Bernoulli spatial scan statistic (BBSSS) and the frequentist Bernoulli spatial scan statistic (FBSSS), using benchmark trials.

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