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Results from the BioSense Jurisdiction-Specific Wbinars


BioSense is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) national near real-time public health surveillance system. CDC’s BioIntelligence Center (BIC) analysts monitor, analyze, and interpret BioSense data daily and provide support to BioSense users at state and local health departments and facilities sending data. The BioSense Application is continually being enhanced in concordance with public health and clinical partners. Ongoing dialogue between the BIC and these partners is required to gather user feedback, understand what would improve system utility, build collaborative relationships, and develop appropriate jurisdictionspecific communication protocols. In May 2006, BioSense hosted a face-to-face meeting in Atlanta with approximately 50 users to solicit recommendations for the program in general and the application. Also, every 1 to 2 months, a teleconference (“Real Time, Real Talk”) is held for all BioSense users. Because of confidentially issues, jurisdiction-specific data and issues can not be raised during such meetings, thus warranting the need for a forum in which such topics could be addressed.


To present lessons learned from the BioSense jurisdiction-specific webinars conducted in 2007.

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