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Rabies and Animal Bites - Florida Department of Health

This syndrome was designed to capture rabies PEP visits and animal bites (excluding insect, human, snake, arachnid, and fish bites).

The query is designed using ESSENCE syntax (from the query portal)

The query is designed to be run against emergency department and urgent care center data by querying the chief complaint-discharge diagnosis (CCDD) field.

The query does not include ICD-10 or SNOMED codes (we receive textual descriptions of all discharge diagnoses), but the codes could certainly be added.


Syndrome Definition

(rabie OR rabbie OR bitten OR bite OR bit_ OR _bit OR _bit_) ANDNOT (bug OR ant OR child OR insect OR flea OR person OR human OR snake OR caterpil OR pygmy rattler OR something OR spider OR wasp OR mosquito OR tick OR fish OR recluse)


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