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Poison Control Center Data in the NC DETECT Syndromic Surveillance System.


CPC provides the 24/7/365 poison hotline for the entire state of North Carolina and currently handles approximately 80,000 calls per year. CPC consultation services that assist callers with poison exposure, diagnosis, optimal patient management, therapy, and patient disposition guidance remain indispensable to the public and health care providers. Poison control center data have been used for years in syndromic surveillance practice as a reliable data source for early event detection. This information has been useful for a variety of public health issues, including environmental exposures, foodborne diseases, overdoses, medication errors, drug identification, drug abuse trends and other information needs. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services started formal integration of CPC information into surveillance activities in 2004. CPC call data are uploaded in real time (hourly), 24/7/365, to the NC DETECT state database.


To describe Carolinas Poison Control Center (CPC) calls data collected in the NC DETECT syndromic surveillance system.

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