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Opioid Diagnosis Codes - Adapted from the HCUP Definition - Kansas Department of Health and Environment

This syndrome was created as a way to integrate the H-CUP Opioid-Related Hospital Use definition into ESSENCE. H-CUP is the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project and we believe their Opioid-Related Hospital Use definition is a great starting point for developing opiate-use syndrome definitions.

Details on the H-CUP can be found at and this syndrome definition is derived from the list of ICD-10 codes located at in the following Excel file

Syndromic Surveillance System - ESSENCE

Data Source - Emergency Room Visits

Fields Used - Discharge Diagnosis History

Syndrome Definition

T40.0X1 OR T40.0X4 OR T40.0X5 OR T40.1X1 OR T40.1X4 OR T40.2X1 OR T40.2X4 OR T40.2X5 OR T40.3X1 OR T40.3X4 OR T40.3X5 OR T40.4X1 OR T40.4X4 OR T40.4X5 OR T40.601 OR T40.604 OR T40.605 OR T40.691 OR T40.694 OR T40.695 OR F11 ANDNOT (F11.21)

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