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Odisha State’s Malaria Reduction Success – Role of Information for Action


Presentation identifies the Odisha State in eastern coastal India as a region in the country and world with exceptionally high rates of malaria infection. Odisha, which represents 3% of India’s population was reporting 40% of the nation’s malaria case. The interventions in this state are documented to show the effectiveness of the declining malaria burden  

India, which in 2017 had the fourth highest malaria burden in the world has established a goal to be malaria-free by 2027. India has a 20% decline in cases since implementation of the described interventions. 

The presentation describes challenges, including geographic and surveillance in primitive and tribal areas. Provides data on declines malaria positive cases and test positivity rates including partner strategies. 

Presenter: Dr. Haraprasad Pattnaik, Director of Health Services, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Odisha, India.

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