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New technologies to treatment of Spotted Fever, GVE VII - Santo Andre, SP, Brazil.


The use of new technologies such as Online Maps and the QR Code facilitates the knowledge dissemination in the health science, aiding in diagnostic elucidation and intelligent decisions making, thus offering an improvement in the quality of care provided to patients. Cases with suspected spotted fever should be approached as potentially serious, which may develop with shock within a few hours and, if not addressed can progress to death. In the case of spotted fever, early onset determines the cure of these cases.

Objective: To perform the spatial distribution of Spotted Fever in the Metropolitan Area of Sao Paulo Municipality (MRSP), coverage area of Epidemiological Surveillance Group VII of Santo Andre (GVE7), to determine clusters of disease incidence, and through QR Code to be able to access data from any smartphone as an aid to the early treatment of new suspected cases.

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