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Monitoring winter-seasonal acute gastroenteritis emergency department visits by age


Epidemic acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is a major contributor to the global burden of morbidity and mortality. Rotavirus and norovirus epidemics present a significant burden annually, with their predominant impact in temperate climates occurring during winter periods. Annually, epidemic rotavirus causes an estimated 600,000 deaths worldwide, and 70,000 hospitalizations in the US, primarily among children <5 years of age. The US burden from norovirus is estimated at 71,000 hospitalizations annually, with the impact more generally across age groups. Changes in rotavirus vaccine use have significantly reduced the impact of epidemic rotavirus.



We describe the initial phase of the ISDS Distribute pilot for monitoring AGE syndromic emergency department visits, and present preliminary analysis of age-specific trends documenting a dramatic shift in AGE consistent with US rotavirus vaccine policy and use.

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