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Meaningful Use and Public Health Practice Community Call


In response to the Meaningful Use roundtable discussion at the 2011 ISDS Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, ISDS has established a monthly community conference call open to anyone interested in issues relating to Meaningful Use. The purpose of this call is to bring together various stakeholders with a vested interest in this field and spark collaborative efforts to share guidance, resources, and technical assistance.

This is a participant-driven call, which means all discussion items and questions are generated directly by the callers. This is a unique an opportunity for people to come together from across the country to share best practices, lessons learned, and generate new ideas. 


  • March 2017 (Topic: Urgent Care Data... Should We Collect? How and ) - Recording


  • November 2016 (Topic: Urgent Care Data... Should We Collect? How and Why?) - Recording
  • October 2016 (Topic: Feedback on Improvements to the Syndrromic 2.0 Guides ) - Recording
  • June 2016 (Topic: Cerner's NEW public Health Reporting Solutions ) - Recording
  • April 2016 (Topic: Detecting and Investigating a Large Community Outbreak of Legionellosis - South Bronx) - Recording
  • February 2016 (Topic: Zika Virus SyS Case Definitions ) - Recording
  • January 2016 (Topic: Process for Feedback for the PHIN Guide and NIST Tools ) - Recording
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