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Malaria: A New Model for Disease Eradication


Defines the current state of impact of malaria. positioning the disease as leading cause of death by disease worldwide. In last 12 years, seven million lives have been saved with a reduction of 60% in fatalities. 

The presentation draws parallels between malaria and polio eradication and estimates a $2 trillion economic benefit through disease eradication. Malaria No More has established a goal and models for disease eradication. 


  1. Information facilitated by mobile tech 

  2. Diagnostics in India (see other presentation)  

  3. Understanding transmission via surveillance of mobility of infected persons through movement of cell phones as a measure of where persons in a high infection rate area will travel both locally and globally. 

  4. Genomics – using real-time tracking of transmission chains combined with human movement can reveal clearer understanding of patterns of disease transmission and allow for a more effective response. 


Presenter: Martin Edlund, Executive Director, Malaria No More. Martin Edlund is a founding member and Chief Executive Officer of Malaria No More, a globally recognized non-profit organization with the visionary mission to end the world’s oldest, deadliest disease in our lifetimes. During his tenure at Malaria No More, he has built a world-class board of directors and teams in the US, Africa, and India with affiliates in the UK and Japan. He has led strategies to mobilize political will, global influencers, and executives of leading media, mobile, and medical companies to deliver the resources and innovations to end malaria. Mr. Edlund has been instrumental in shaping the narrative of the complex and evolving issue of malaria for leadership audiences across the globe, beginning with his work around the White House Summit on Malaria. Edlund also lived and worked in West Africa as Malaria No More’s Director of New Programs, where he helped launch innovative net distribution, testing and education campaigns with country leadership and local partners in Senegal, Cameroon, and Chad. Prior to joining MNM, Martin was a journalist for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The New Republic, among other publications, and a political consultant in Washington, D.C., specializing in online campaign strategies. He is a graduate of Harvard University.

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