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Guidelines for Navigating Human Subjects Review and Preparing Data Sets for Sharing with the ISDS Technical Conventions Committee


Collaborative relationships between academicians and public health practitioners are necessary to ensure that methodologies created in the research setting translate into practice. One barrier to forging these collaborations is restrictions on the sharing and availability of public health surveillance data; therefore, most academics with expertise in method development cannot access 'real world' surveillance data with which to evaluate their approaches. The ISDS Technical Conventions Committee was established in 2013 to facilitate and expedite the development, evaluation, and implementation of technical methods for public health surveillance. The purpose of the committee is to bridge a long-standing gap between technical challenges in public health practice and solution developers needing both understanding of these challenges and representative data.


The purpose of this panel is to facilitate the dissemination of surveillance-related use cases by public health practitioners with accompanying benchmark datasets to method developers. The panel will present practitioners' experiences with preparing patient-level emergency department data sets to accompany a use case submitted to the ISDS Technical Conventions Committee.

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