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Geospatial Reporting of Health Demographic Surveillance in a Peri Urban Setting


The department of Paediatrics is conducting a HDSS with focus on maternal and child health at peri - urban sites located in Karachi, Pakistan. The study catchment area is 19 sq km with a population of around 274,856. Females between 15 to 49 years of age and less than 5 years old children cohort is around 67,802 and 39,028 respectively. In 2012 around 12557 pregnant women (PW) and 9,136 newborns (NB) were followed through active surveillance. As part of e-mapping the study catchment area which consists of around 50,520 structures has been digitized.


Geospatial reports are generated to facilitate an ongoing health demographic surveillance system (HDSS) conducted at a peri urban site of Karachi Pakistan. The geospatial maps facilitate in monitoring and protocol adherence of HDSS. In addition different geospatial relationships can be analyzed and various epidemiological patterns can be studied.

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