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The evaluation of influenza surveillance data elements for the health information exchange minimum data set


The American Health Information Community Harmonized Use Case for the Biosurveillance minimum data set (MDS) was implemented to establish data exchange between regional health information organizations (RHIOs) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) for accelerating situational awareness through the Health Information Exchange (HIE) Project. However, the completeness, timeliness of the reporting and quality of data elements in the MDS through RHIOs are still unknown and need further validation before we can utilize them for NYSDOH public health surveillance.


Evaluate the availability, timeliness, and accuracy of MDS data elements received from one RHIO for emergency department (ED), in-patient, and outpatient visits. Compare the characteristics of patients meeting the HIE influenza-like illness definition who were admitted to the hospital or expired versus those discharged home.

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