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Comparing Emergency Department Gunshot Wound Data with Mass Casualty Shooting Reports


Shootings with multiple victims are a concern for public safety and public health. The precise impact of such events and the trends associated with them is dependent on which events are counted. Some reports only consider events with multiple deaths, typically four or more, while other reports also include events with multiple victims and at least one death. Underreporting is also a concern. Some commonly cited databases for these events are based on media reports of shootings which may or may not capture the complete set of events that meet whatever criteria are being considered. Many gunshot wounds are treated in the emergency department setting. Emergency department registrations routinely collected for syndromic surveillance will capture all of those visits. Analysis of that data may be useful as a supplement to mass shooting databases by identifying unreported events. In addition, clusters of gunshot wound incidents which are not the result of a single shooting event but still represent significant public safety and public health concerns may also be identified.


To determine whether mass casualty shooting events are captured via syndromic surveillance data.

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