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BioSense 2.0 Governance: Surveying Users and Stakeholders for Continued Development


The CDC's BioSense 2.0 system is designed with a user-centered approach, where the needs and requests of the users are part of its continued development. User requirements were gathered extensively to help design BioSense 2.0 and users continue to submit feedback which is used to make improvements to the system. However, in order to ensure that these needs are gathered in a formal and ongoing way, the BioSense 2.0 Governance Group, comprised primarily of state and local public health representatives, was established to advise the CDC on the development of BioSense 2.0. The Governance Group (GG) understands that to make recommendations having direct relevance and utility to the community, they must engage public health jurisdictions which use BioSense 2.0. To that end, the GG has conducted three surveys of the BioSense 2.0 community. The survey results will help inform the group's prioritized recommendations to the CDC.


In this presentation we discuss the findings and lessons learned from these surveys.

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